What has long been seen as a passive experience is rapidly being reborn as a great opportunity to promote increased audience interaction, networking, and collaboration. Let us help design in-session and broader conference and workshop experiences that help integrate crowd response and engagement with others.


The days of waiting till the QA period at the end of the session to interact with a speaker and speed networking by the coffee pot during the 15 minute session breaks are over. There are new and exciting ways to allow the audience to converse with each other during the session, to display audience questions to the presenters in real time, and to engage and challenge the audience around the speaker's content. Conferences and workshops are more often about networking and answering specific questions than the general information being presented in the sessions themselves. Why not help people cross those barriers by creating exciting interactive and game interactions in and around the sessions that help break the ice, build teams, and focus the takeaways?

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Tracking users at conference can give planners insight into their activities and participation within the event helping to determine what works and what doesn't. But tracking doesn't have to be tedious; it can be as simple as scanning a badge or having people check in on their mobile phones. The experience of checking in doesn't have to be menial or meaningless to the attendee either; games and social mechanics provide excellent mechanisms that can provide accurate and comprehensive data tracking while at the same time incentivising the attendee to participate through rewards or added content.

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