PTN Exporter


Interactive publishing made easy

Using the templates and publishing tools from the Insight Portal to output stand alone elements you can develop and export cognitive decision simulations quickly and easily and deploy them as SCORM ready, 508 compliant modules on any compliant LMS. Building and releasing short form scenario-based training applications has never been easier.

We understand that some e-learning and corporate settings may not want to incorporate the whole Insight Portal due to heavy investment in an existing LMS or community platforms. To allow organizations to make use of our publishing tool while still integrating into an existing community platform we tailored this product to bundle the published interactives for easy integration into existing systems.
  • Publishing Tool
    Our templated approach to content creation for this platform allows users to create and publish interactive content with no technical skills required. Simple text inputs, image and video uploads and easy to use decision tree tools allow writers and content creators to input, preview, and publish their content. The one-click publishing process exports a folder, creating all of the assets and index files needed to wrap and deploy the content.
  • Interactive Components
    Right now, these consist primarily of a role playing scenario-based mechanic, based on our award winning PeaceMaker gaming platform, however we are always working on new game templates for different types of content and are also able to create custom components to meet your content needs. Whether it is using our existing polling and prediction model, polling mechanics, or a scorable quiz component or something completely new we are happy to work with you to create a customized element with proper output integrations for your existing system.