Insight Portal


Easily launch your own community of Insight

Originally designed as a platform to create a community of interaction and engagement around role playing scenarios based on daily breaking news (Play the News™), the platform has proven to be a great opportunity to create similar communities of interaction around business strategy scenarios and case studies, crowdsourcing business projections, scenario based training and education, HR training, polling, information dissemination, and many other corporate and educational applications. Initially launched as a free-to-play portal with embeddable options and Facebook capability, in a six month period ImpactGames produced over 120 games/scenarios (approx. one game per business day) based on current events. The Platform includes a community management and scoring platform, a publishing tool, and the individual interactive components.

  • Community Portal
    The community portal uses the creation of a profile, activity and performance feedback, community interactions through comment threads and leaderboards, and notifications tools to increase content engagement and motivation. The portal tracks player and community usage and performance statistics. This community data is flexible and can be made publicly available as an incentive to gameplay and to instigate deeper, organic, user-based discussions on the issues. In contrast, this data can remain hidden from users and be made available only to the instructor or community manager. Either way the instructors and/or game creators are made aware of a variety of empirical, useful, and previously unknowable facts about both organizational population knowledge and individual student or user proficiency as well as other important data such as engagement rates and tool adoption across the entire organization, audience or select departments and classrooms.
  • Publishing Tool
    Our templated approach to content creation for this platform allows users to create and publish interactive content with no technical skills required. Simple text inputs, image and video uploads and easy to use decision tree tools allow writers and content creators to input, preview, and publish their content. These simple interfaces also apply for the portal and community management tools.
  • Interactive Components
    Currently consisting of role playing and a scenario-based mechanic, based on our award winning PeaceMaker gaming platform, we are always working on new interactive templates for different types of content. We are also happy to work with clients to create custom components to meet their content needs. Whether it is for a polling and prediction model, polling mechanics, a scorable quiz component, or something specific to your organization our platform can easily incorporate new models into the publishing, scoring, and stat tracking components.