Flow For Easy Collaboration

Hybrid Learning Systems presents Flow, a software tool to develop a detailed Task Analysis that can be published in the Darwin Information Typed Architecture (DITA) XML format and viewed in a web browser or on a mobile device, providing information access all the time. Building and publishing a task analysis has never been easier.

As jobs become more complex, the ability to access crucial information to complete tasks becomes more important. Finding the information that is required in a concise, effective format can be key to successful on-the-job performance. Based on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) task analysis model, Flow allows users to build a task analysis that offers drill down support for three levels of information. By presenting information in this manner, users can access as much or as little information as they require to complete the job. This content can also be supplemented with images, videos or even full-blown interactive examples that guide the user through the process.

Building a task analysis shouldn't be complex. Flow makes this process easy by presenting the document structure in a simple-to-use format and enabling one-touch publishing. Add, describe, and publish. It's as easy as that. Content reuse is one of the key elements of Flow. Through the use of standard DITA XML files, Flow allows content to be used in a number of different ways - print, web or even through a mobile device. The flexibility of the content ensures that your documents can truly be written once and rendered anywhere.

    Flow Traditionally, task analysis documents have been cumbersome and difficult to manage and often built using tools that offered closed formats and little to no document management processes. These limitations often led to difficult collaboration methods, multiple copies of the same document, and lost time and effort when the originating tool disappeared. FLOW was developed to alleviate these issues while making the development of the task analysis document easy and accessible.

    Flow includes a social networking component that encourages users to build relationships and share information. The result is a broader knowledge community that encourages sharing information to produce a more robust, all-encompassing document. Through an easy to use messaging system, users can locate peers that have common interests or work on similar programs in order to validate ideas and promote cross-communication.

  • FLOW and FLOW on the GO for on Demand Job Aids
    Flow OnTheGo As mobile devices are becoming integral parts of our lives, allowing users to access content on the go is crucial. Hybrid Learning Systems offers Flow On The Go, our mobile application for iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android OS devices. Flow On The Go ties directly into the Flow application to give users seamless access to task analysis and IETM data on mobile devices while in the field. Because the data streams to the mobile device, users always have the most current information, no matter where they are. Accessing information right down to the IETM level is now as easy as touching a screen.
  • Using your Task Analysis to Create Assessment Tools
    Flow Digital-based job assessment tools are something that we are seeing a larger demand for across industries. In many industries, assessment is still being done using paper grade sheets filled out by instructors. Just as Flow on the Go is bringing up to date digital job aides into the field, we envision many instances where these assessments sheets could be handled on digital devices. This would allow for a much easier generation of the grade sheet as well as time-effective upload and management of the output. In many cases the assessment sheets are based directly on the task analysis or maintenance procedures that employee are supposed to follow. It became a natural discussion that led to several customers asking for the extension of FLOW to include this functionality. Read more about our ideas and designs here.