Delivering meaningful learning experiences and resources is a core function of our company. Whether you need existing processes and content transformed to the digital age or are searching for new ways to engage your employees, customers, or audience, we can work with you to evaluate, design and develop a solution to meet your needs.

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Through our customer-inclusive design process we can help you evaluate your needs, assess technology requirements, storyboard solutions, and deconstruct and design your content to fit into a number of existing industry products or design and develop something for you from scratch. We have helped clients implement solutions ranging from traditional eLearning courseware, job process software and interactive job aids to games for learning, brainstorming, and conference engagement.

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Our process has been built around the idea that the customer is an integral part of the design and development team. Throughout our process, we not only promote but require ongoing input, review, and approval by the client of tangible phased deliverables. Each stage is intended to provide the client with value whether they continue on through the process or not. The major stages of our project cycle are:

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  • Definition Stage
    You have a need or, perhaps, an idea. During this phase our team will work with you to further define these needs and ideas in an effort to understand all of the requirements of the project. We will help you work through or commit to definitions of audience, distribution, budget requirements, and success parameters. At this point you will have all of the information you would need to successfully outline a design RFP for multiple organizations or continue to work with us through the next stage.
  • Design Stage
    Building upon the project requirements defined in the previous milestone, we present several high level concepts reflecting different potential approaches to a solution. Following the approval of a high level concept, we begin an iterative process of creating user flow, look and feel, and technical prototypes to further define and flush out the final solution. The final deliverable of this stage is product presentation, including all of the major components that can be used for fund-raising tool, for pitching the project for internal support, as a development RFP, or as a blueprint for the next stage of our process.
  • Documentation Stage
    Following approval of the overall product solution, we will begin an in-depth technical design document. This will detail all of the product features, interfaces, and technical requirements needed to develop the final product. Through an iterative process, this document becomes the "bible" that will guide our development process. This document can also be used to facilitate bids for the development of the product.
  • Development Stage
    Once the design document has been finalized and approved, work begins on the creation of the project. We keep this process as open as possible to allow for ongoing reviews and comments at various stages of the development cycle. This concludes with extensive testing and refinement until the project is released and process has concluded.
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At Hybrid, we believe learning happens both in and out of the classroom, in formal and informal settings, as individuals and as teams, collaboratively and competitively. Let us work with you to find solutions that will help you better engage your audience, increase your reach, and track and optimize your learning objectives.

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