Hybrid Learning Systems

Hybrid Learning Systems began in 2003 when Kris Rockwell left his position as the manager of the flight training eLearning development group at a major international airline. The concept was a simple one; open a small, agile development house to expand on the eLearning ideas garnered from the experience in the airline industry in order to develop innovative learning solutions that bridged traditional learning principles and modern technologies.

By 2005, the Hybrid team had grown to five people and had begun to shift to mobile content delivery solutions as the team started to experiment with converting existing courseware to run on mobile devices. This experience eventually led to the development of the Flow product and the concept of building content that could be "written once and rendered anywhere," an idea that Hybrid still maintains.

Hybrid continued to expand its capabilities in 2010 with the acquisition of the ImpactGames properties. The integration of ImpactGames into Hybrid reflects the manner in which Hybrid views learning technologies and user interactions; as opposed to the traditional eLearning modules which are typically user to computer interactions, Hybrid believes that learning should be an experience and encourage interaction and communication between learners.

Customers of Hybrid Learning Systems include: ArgonST, Calspan, Tandem Learning (now Ayogo), Defense Acquisition University, Procter & Gamble, Grainger and the University of Missouri.